Want More Results From Your Workouts?

Are you frustrated with your current body shape or lack of progress with your fitness goals?

I want to help you, and I’m not trying to sound harsh, but…

Are you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and feeling…

Disgusted at what you see?

Ok, I’m not going to pull any punches here…

Are you doing the same things over and over but are somehow hoping for different results? 

Maybe you have a gym membership, but aren’t even using it?

Maybe you’ve worked with a trainer before, and there are some good ones out there, but nothing frustrates me more than seeing someone consistently working hard and not seeing results! If you’re like me, you want the most in return for your efforts.

Whether you have 20lbs to loose or 200lbs, I know the feeling of not “being your best you”. You don’t have to settle for less than the best, because you deserve to wake up every day and feel amazing! 

Listen to me right now! It’s time for a change. Stop spinning your wheels…find out what 154+ other people in your city already know and are doing to get amazing results…

Don’t just take it from me; just check out a few of my client progress pictures…

How would you like Guaranteed Results with Personal Training for an unbelievable deal?

Grab your spot in one of my new Specialized Programs for a fraction of the cost of regular personal training, and find out how you can become my next client success story!

One of my most successful programs to date was the original Warrior Built program where I trained three people together, all of them with a common goal. (They lost an average of 31lb’s each in only 12 weeks)

Because of their fantastic results and the success of the program, I’ve created 6 new Specialized Programs.  These semi-private Personal Training programs are limited to only 4 people in each group. Each is designed with a common goal.

  • Want to look sexy in your skinny jeans?! Then you need my…

            “Fit and Fabulous” Body Sculpting Ladies Program.

  • Want to Run Faster, Jump Higher and Hit Harder? Become the team M.V.P with my new “Ultimate Athlete” Program.

Other programs include…

  • “Max Muscle” Designed to bulk you up and keep you lean! Your Training Program and Meal Plan is customized to increase your muscle mass for maximum gains!
  • “Firefighter Fit” Here is your ticket to “smoking” the physical testing portion required to landing that desired job as a Firefighter. Do not miss your opportunity; be ready when the time comes to apply in one of the most competitive fields. 

“I have worked with Andy for over a year, training to complete the fire fighter hiring requirements of St. John’s Regional Fire Department. Andy’s training focused on strength, agility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and most importantly functional strength. I am glad to say that with a lot of help from Andy, I reached my goal and was hired with St. John’s Regional Fire Department in June 2009. Thanks Andy!!”
   — Mark Power

  • “Ultimate Officer” This program is designed to get you in top physical condition in order to CRUSH the  “P.A.R.E” “Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation” test and beyond.    
  • The “Fit On the Go/ Busy Man” Fitness Program. For the guy with a busy schedule that wants to be strong, fit and lean.  When your goal is the cover of Men’s Health this is your program.

Full 100% Guarantee!

As with all my Training Programs, my Semi- Private Personal Training is fully 100% money- back guaranteed! It is our mission to deliver results, and we will hold you accountable to your goal!


When a new prospective student comes to see me, it tells me that they took that step because they want results, bottom line! I know that besides the right Program and Meal Plan (that’s a given!) it is the accountability that delivers results. I know that is what they/YOU want! 

Make the commitment now! You deserve the best results. In three months the new you will thank you for it.

Our regular service fee for Personal Training is $40 per session. Your investment with the Semi-Private Specialized Programs is only $19 per workout!

Space is limited; secure your spot in the right class before someone else does!

Call for more details and to discuss what program might be best suited for you. 753-0303

Committed to your success!

Andy Pratt
Personal Best Fitness Studio

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